Kind Words

And various assertions.

his musical compositions are especially great."

– Jengy Gomez (3D Game Artist)

I'm wowed by how versatile he is. As our only audio designer, he was responsible for ALL the audio in our products. He would go from making cosmic sci-fi music, to pixie forest ambient music, to Arabian nights palace music."

– Ed Carreon (3D Game Artist)

I worked with him on a number of projects and he exceeded my expectations on each one."

– Evan Arny (3D Character Animator at 343 Industries)

Jesse is an incredibly talented audio engineer and artist that creates the highest quality sound tracks and effects needed to bring a game to life.

– Andreas Montano (Product Manager)

Jesse cares, bottom line. He cares about the quality of his work, he cares about the quality of the products his work breathes life into, and most importantly, he cares deeply about the folks lucky enough to work alongside him."

– Patrick Bulman (Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft (Mixed Reality))

Jesse had an incredible skill for making each area in a game feel unique, while still distinctly part of a whole."

– Ian W. Adams (Lead Game Designer 17-BIT)

He's just about the busiest guy in the city and always has something going."

– Anthony Cochran (Technical Sales Engineer, Symetrix)

Jesse was an extremely valuable member of the team, he was an entire audio department rolled into one person!"

– Chris Brunstad (Technology Consultant)

As a sound effects designer, Jesse seems to channel the spirit of Pavlov and gets gamers to drool with glee.

– Jason Gholston (Creative Director, Speech Graphics)

I dig Jesse."

– Glenn Lorbecki, (President Glenn Sound Productions)

His skill, talent and ability to create music for any number of needs or genres have always been an impressive ability to me."

– Dan Prigg (Digital Executive)

Jesse's friendly attitude and pleasant personality has made working with him a lot of fun. His work ethics would make him a great fit to any creative studio."

– Sherif Habashi (Senior Concept Artist/3D Artist)

"In one instance, he had to come up with several different variations on creaking doors/stone walls, and managed to make them all fit perfectly in the scene without making them sound boringly repetitious."

– Eric Fleming (Mobile Developer, Whitepages)

"He keeps a strong balance between musical inspiration and musical intention/purpose, and is a good communicator."

– Chris Julian (Video Editor, Motion Graphics)

I was first introduced to his work through his sound design for games, but quickly saw this was merely the tip of a large iceberg of musical talent."

– Quinn Rudee (VR Producer at Pixvana)

"The biggest thing that comes to mind about Jesse's work is his masterpiece for the game Marooned. It was truly a musical journey."

– Craig Hardin (Graphic Artist)

He can pick the right sounds for some of the trickiest gameplay."

– Dalton Webb (Senior Designer)

When Jesse sent me the finished files (on time) I was wowed by the quality of the results and the quantity of variations that he delivered."

– John Pospisil (Web Developer)

Jesse has a collective range of skills that are invaluable and difficult to come by for an individual working in the game audio industry."

– Barry Dowsett (Audio Director, SoundRangers)

He also keeps a positive attitude and is extremely fun to work with. I highly recommend Jesse for a sound project of any size."

– Lisa Wick (Lead Mobile Game Developer, Flowplay)

He always pulled through and gave us great music and sound, within our constraints."

– David Dunham (Game Developer, A Sharp)

Jesse lightens up the work place with his positive attitude and charisma. Thank you Jesse for opening minds."

– Kazunori Sasakura (Senior Product Manager, Blastworks)

He kept pace with 3 PC game development teams as well as the mobile games team, never falling behind the production schedule."

– Micah Gilman (Web Developer)

Besides being a great musician, Jesse has a really good sense of how interface sounds and sound effects should fit properly in the game environment."

– Chris Blackwell (Senior SDE, AWS Game Tech, Amazon)

"Over the years I've worked with different sound designers on many projects, but I've never met anyone with the talent and professionalism that Jesse Holt delivered day after day."

– Jeremy Jones

" a matter of fact, he created the sound/music/effects on every game the studio created! His knowledge of music in general is vast."

– Ian Boe (Lead Artist, iPro, Inc.)

"I am biased, as I have had nothing but great results, but I'm happy to tout a great job by a great person to work with anytime I can!"

– Rik Avalos (Vice President, Talent & Culture, Outdoorsy)

His comprehensive knowledge of the tools and tricks necessary for amazing sound design and music production, as well as the creative genius to turn the unremarkable into works of art."

– Durin Gleaves (Product Manager, Adobe)

Jesse consistently delivered quality projects on time, while others idled."

– Jared Gholston (Co-Founder, CTO, PartnerTap)