Jesse Holt

Senior Audio Designer

Jesse Holt (Nez Perce) is an accomplished Audio Designer and Composer with over 19 years experience designing interactive soundscapes for a wide range of video games across a wide variety of platforms.

Jesse has primarily worked as sole in-house Audio Designer, a one-man audio solutions guy. He's used to wearing many hats and solving a dynamic range of challenges in a timely manner. Being an in-house audio provider for a game development team also means that one must be capable of having meaningful, actionable discourse with members of the art team, developers, animators, executives, PR folks, and even custom service representatives. This is Jesse Holt.

Jesse takes the art of creating soundscapes and composing music for games seriously. Whether it’s creating music to amaze, sound effects to excite, or ambient loops to entrance, Jesse's intentions are to create world-class audio content. He also understands the need to create compelling audio content that heightens the game player's sense of immersion, interaction, excitement, and most of all, fun.



Senior Audio Designer and Composer

A professional audio designer and composer with nearly two decades of experience, Jesse is an expert at complementing visuals with expertly crafted sound effects and compelling music.

With over 250 released video game titles to his credit, Jesse has amassed an abundance of unique skills that only could have come from working closely with multi-talented game development teams. Skills like, the ability to assess a game aesthetic and give it an appropriate voice, proficiency with with a wide variety of audio production software and middleware, possession of a deep understanding of the various disciplines that make up a successful video game development team, and so much more.

Eclipse Gaming Systems: Contract Audio Designer & Composer

July 2019 - Present

• Provided creative audio design and direction, and optimization for six land-based slot machines.
• Creation of world-class sound effects both in-game sounds and user interface (UI) sounds that could cut through the din of a busy casino.
• Composed, produced, recorded world-class in-game, bonus game, and freespin music in a wide variety of styles.
• Recorded foley for games using state-of-the-art microphones and production techniques
• Worked remotely and never missed a delivery date.

Betsoft Gaming: Contract Audio Designer & Composer

June 2019 - present

• Responsible with providing creative audio design and direction, and optimization for multiple mobile and browser based slot games.
• Creation of world-class sound effects both in-game sounds and user interface sounds (UI).
• Music composition in a wide variety of styles.
• Responsible for the recording of live card dealers, chips, and various ambient sound effects. 
• Produced and coordinated voiceover recording sessions, actor direction, file editing, mastering, and implementation.
• Worked remotely and never missed a delivery date.

Monarc Gaming:
Sr. Audio Designer and Composer

January 2019
March 2019

Monarc Gaming created exciting, compelling, and highly entertaining mobile slot games. Hired to work with the team to develop content featuring well-known pop singers turning well-known songs into exciting slot games. Unfortunately, Monarc shuttered its doors.

Presence Labs:
Sr. Audio Designer and Composer

December 2015
August 2018

Initially hired to create UI sound effects and audio branding. I quickly moved into the position of Music Designer for the Gear VR music visualizer application, GrooVR, pairing GrooVR's virtual reality experiences with custom mixtapes using music from SoundCloud and Spotify.

In early 2016, I began designing sound effects for several GrooVR music experiences, giving them a greater sense of immersion. In late 2016, Presence Labs produced and released High Roller Slots, a virtual reality slots casino for the GearVR, and in 2017 Presence Labs produced and released Virtual Vegas Slots: AR Casino, the first augmented reality casino for iOS.

  • Hand picked and curated mixtapes for virtual reality application GrooVR, using SoundCloud and Spotify.

  • Created hundreds of sound effects for over 20 games.

  • Composed thematic music for 20 games, including in-game and bonus game tracks.

  • Mixed and mastered all audio content.

  • Worked with developers to create a platform for artists to upload their music for use in the virtual reality application GrooVR.

  • Spatialization audio content using Unity 3D, giving the sound effects and music a deeper sense of immersion.

  • Created global user interface (UI) sounds as well as game-specific UI sounds, and IAP sounds.

  • Implemented, optimized, debugged, and tested all audio keeping in mind device-specific limitations.

  • Created audio branding for the GrooVR logo animation, High Roller Slots logo animation, and the Virtual Vegas: AR Slots log animation.

  • Created and edited social media video posts for Instagram and Facebook.

  • Created video content for Apple App Store.

  • Used Unity3D, Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro and Motion 5.

  • Archived audio content.

Absolute Hero:
Co-Founder, Audio Designer and Composer

January 2013
May 2015

Absolute Hero Games was a casual games studio founded by two friends and I. The studio specializing in engaging browser-based HTML5 mobile games for tweeners.

  • Prototyped, designed, and executed audio direction for each of the 21 games we released.

  • Composed exciting music and created sound effects that complemented each other.

  • Made sure all audio performed efficiently within the limitations of the HTML5 technology.

  • Tested all game audio on-device to make sure that it performed as expected.

  • User interface (UI) audio creation.

  • Designed complete audio package of music and sound effects for AH’s flagship game Sam-or-I.

  • Created challenging level design for Sam-or-I.

  • Designed Absolute Hero's social media strategy targeting Facebook and Instagram.

  • Created social media posts, executed and scheduled them using Hootsuite.

DoubleDown Interactive:
Audio Designer and Composer

November 2010
March 2014

I was hired by DoubleDown Interactive to create sound effects and compose music for the world-class DoubleDown Casino applications played on PC and mobile devices.

  • Prototyped multiple audio themes at the beginning stages of production for team evaluation.

  • Executed audio design plans staying mindful of target milestone dates.

  • Created unique sound effects including reel spins, slot stops, win states, user interface (UI) sounds, and global ambient loops.

  • Composed music for uniquely themed slot games, including menu music, in-game music, bonus game music, and lobby music.

  • Created signature global user interface (UI) sounds.

  • Transformed well-known IP content into useable game sound effects and music, including: The Brady Bunch, The Twilight Zone, American Idol, and House.

  • Designed sound for video promotions used for social media posts and web ads.

  • Scheduled voiceover sessions.

  • Recorded foley sessions in-house and at local post-production facility Clatter & Din, capturing unique card and chip audio recordings for use in DDI casino app.

  • Designed a state-of-the-art recording studio for the company.

GameHouse Games:
Audio Designer and Composer

September 2000
September 2009

GameHouse, founded in 1998, brought me on around 1999 to informally provide music loops for several games. In 2000 I was hired as in-house Audio Designer.

  • Designed and created audio content for Casual Game of the Year 2006, Collapse! 3.

  • Created unique sound effects for more than 50 games,

  • Composed one-of-a-kind  thematic music for a wide assortment of casual games.

  • Worked directly with developers to solve and create workarounds of platform limitations related to audio..

  • Scheduled and recorded voiceover sessions.

  • In charge of foley recording sessions.


Extra Credit

Other fun companies I've worked for...

  • Betsoft

  • Hold Gaming

  • Angry Mob Games

  • Flowplay

  • HeadRight

  • Amaranth

  • LiveMocha

  • Motiga

  • XtraMath

  • Tip Tip Creative

  • Glenn Sound

  • GamesCafe

  • Lyris

  • L4 Mobile

  • Yellow Owl Productions

  • iWin

  • 360Kid

  • Wired Productions

  • Break Media

  • Defunct Theater

      and more...